Taking Charge of your Career

The world of work is changing. Are you ready?

Taking charge of your career - by Jane Barrett & Camilla Arnold

A step-by-step guide to building your career strategy and making it happen

Action-oriented and pragmatic

Packed with exercises and self-assessment tools to help you make the right choices

Real life case studies of successful career changers

Taking Charge of Your Career - by Jane Barrett & Camilla ArnoldY

about the book

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About the Authors


Jane Barrett is co-founder of The Career Farm, an online career development company giving individuals the structure, tools and inspiration to grow their careers in a proactive way. Jane has 20 years experience as a speaker, workshop leader and career coach at business schools across Europe.


Camilla Arnold has been an executive coach for 20 years, following a career in finance, marketing and executive search. She is MD of Client Services for TXG, and specialises in coaching executives on transition, career development and resolving career limiting behaviours.


The Authors

What do other career experts think?

Stuart Jagot

"A thorough, structured and pragmatic overview to career management that covers both the practical aspects of changing careers in our volatile, uncertain world, with the often harder, personal underlying challenges many people have to face & overcome to move forward... The personal brand, networking and research chapters in ‘Taking Charge of your Career’ will help anyone planning a career transition to both prepare and act so they can be their best in career conversations & transitions."

Stuart Jagot Director of Career Development at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Susan Gatell

"A fantastic one-stop guide for taking a pro-active approach to your own career management. Clear, insightful and practical – these authors know their stuff and it shows. Helpful and motivating in equal measure."

Susan Gatell Careers Advisor, Cambridge University
Mary Carey

"I have turned to “How to Take Charge of Your Career” many times over the years since it was first published – both for those I coach through career change as well as at times for myself. Just about everything you need to think about when considering a career change is included in this gem of a career guide. The new edition is even more packed with straight forward and actionable tools. "

Mary Carey Regional Director, INSEAD Executive Education


What do clients say?

Sabrina Weymiens

Jane has been a great coach during my MBA at Vlerick. She has helped me in multiple ways: from very practical tips to opening her network, and above all by giving me insightful and personal advises on my career path and on the best way to approach recruiters. She goes the extra mile to make a real and lasting difference.

Sabrina Weymiens
Value Added Solutions Specialist at Johnson & Johnson‬ MBA, Vlerick Business School 2014
Abi Manders

I first met Camilla during my Masters degree at Imperial College where she was my Career Advisor ... She gave me the confidence I needed to go full steam ahead for a job that I was passionate about, rather than a city career, which is what the majority of my class mates were doing … I would recommend Camilla to anyone without a second of doubt. She is truly wonderful at what she does.

Abi Manders
Nutrition & Health Coach | Head of CX Network at IQPC
Mark Pettitt

Having left university without any real career path to pursue, I worked with Jane to understand what I care about, my real interests and what drives me with regards to a job. Jane's expert advice and ability to take a step back and drive deep into the above topics allowed me to, with her, work out my ideal career.

Mark Pettitt
Deputy Head of International Policy for Nuclear Safety and Radioactive Waste Management
Struan Robertson

Camilla is a truly exceptional coach. We’ve all endured the tedious drudgery of sluggish script following coaches who sadly appear to have very little natural ability despite a string of qualifications and years in the field. I know there are many good coaches and TXG appears to have most of them on their books but even among this fraternity of talent I believe Camilla stands out.

Struan Robertson
Vice President Human Resources, Bio-Techne
Arzu Toren

I had the pleasure of joining Jane's Career Management workshop at Cass Business School which was very inspiring. Jane is smart, motivational and practical. She is very engaging during the session and keeps everyone focused. Her recommendations are on spot and make you think outside the box.

Arzu Toren
Assistant General Manager at Bank AL Habib MBA, Cass Business School 2017
Stephanie Hopper

I employed Camilla as my career coach … as I felt I wanted to change direction in my career but had no idea where to start. I often reflect how after just three sessions I was ready to make major decisions which would impact my future and that were a direct result of the "homework" she gave me and the insights she had offered me in our coaching sessions. I found our sessions incredibly inspiring and helpful.

Stephanie Hopper
Founder & Head of Talent, The Geek People

what do clients think?

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